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Here at Bordertown Guns, we carry a firearm to meet your needs for home defense, hunting, sport shooting, collecting, or just plain plinking.  

Have a gun you are ready to sell?  We can buy your gun, you can trade it in towards something new, or you can place it on consignment with us!

Bordertown guns also has the ammo and optics your gun deserves!  Don't see what you need? thats ok too.  Let us order it for you!

Our inventory of new and pre-owned firearms changes often, so come by and browse!


Indoor Gun Range


Range Rules

We allow outside ammunition on our range. However, we reserve the right to say no to specific reloaded ammo, based on the powder burning. Some powder, if it doesn't burn clean enough, will cause issues with our range air filters. 

We don't allow any of the following types of ammunition:

Tracers, Armor Piercing, Incendiary, Steel Core, Shotgun Shells

To ensure the quality of our equipment, and to ensure the safety of our customers, we no longer allow outside targets on our range.

Firearm rentals

We have several different firearms for rent in the store, ranging from a .22 pistol to a custom AK-47 model 7.62x39 rifle. 

These are available to rent for any adult that has a valid FOID card (valid driver's license for out-of-state). 

The cost for handgun rentals is $10 an hour, rifles are $15 an hour. We do require our ammo to be used for rental firearms.

Firearm lessons

We will give shooting lessons on our range to people wanting them. We walk people through everything from basic safety procedures to proper grip and sight picture. 

This is for anyone from brand new shooters, those who have not shot in a while, or those just seeking to improve themselves. 

The cost of this is $25 an hour. If you don't have your own firearm to learn on we have several available to rent in the store. 

Firearms Spotlight

Check out one of the 20 great prizes on our Big 20 Raffle. The FN 57.

Stop in today to get your ticket!

Featured Inventory

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