Concealed Carry Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry

The state of Illinois requires residents to take a 16 hour class, including a 30 round qualification, to be able to submit an application for a  Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL). The CCL is valid for 5 years, and requires a 3 hour renewal class each time to be completed to submit a renewal with the state police. There is a cost to these classes, as well as a fee from the Illinois State Police for the application.

We offer the full 16 hour class one weekend a month, and do the class and qualification in our store in Momence, IL. The cost of the class is $135 per person, and this includes lunch on Sunday, brought in by a local restaurant. To participate in this class come in and sign up in the store and pay for the class by either a $50 deposit or pay the full $135. The classes start at 8am each day, and end at 4pm. Participants need to bring their driver's license, valid FOID card, their firearm, and may bring ammo or buy ammo from the store.

We also offer the 3 hour renewal course once a month as well. This course is taught on Wednesday nights, 6p-9p. This is also taught in the store, with the qualification happening on our range as well. The cost of this class is $75 per person. The process to participate for this class is the same as the 16 hour course, but the deposit is only $25. Participants will need to bring all of the things listed for the class above, as well as their current valid CCL.

Upcoming Dates

16 Hour Course

March 21-22nd       8a-4p

April 18-19th          8a-4p

3 Hour Renewal

March 25th       6p-9p

April 22nd         6p-9p


Hunter Safety Class

We offer a hunter safety course twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This is a two day course.  We have the class in our store in Momence, IL, in our indoor archery range, and provide lunch both days. 

The only cost to this course is that we do a raffle for a .22 rifle for one of the kids in the class (the parent/guardian must have a FOID card and is deemed the owner).  The raffle ticket is $20. This covers the cost of the firearm and the food.

This class is required for anyone born in 1980 or after.


If you would like to know when our next class is or want more information on any of our classes please contact us through the Contact Us page or by calling or stopping by the store.